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We've always been able to change our clothes depending upon our mood or the occasion and the fashion industry is brilliant at delivering the colors and the styles we love. Well, this ability to change has now been taken a step further - is now able to change our mood by altering our eyes.

Described as the windows to our soul, eyes have always been one of our most striking features. Color contact lenses now come in the most mind-boggling array of styles, designs and colors and they have the power to completely change not just the way you look, but also the way you feel.

It is now possible to match your eye color to your outfit and create a natural enhancement to your eyes that will literally have people gazing into your eyes in wonder.

Color contacts are available in such a wide array of colors you can dress to be whoever you wish and wear anything you like, comfortable in the knowledge dreameyes will have the contact lenses you want.

Whether it's cosplay, a party where you want to make a striking appearance or perhaps you just feel like a change - you now have the chance to have people gazing into your eyes and seeing a real difference.


The incredible range of colors available mean you can color up in any way you choose. Whether you want to tickle people pink, have them green with envy, look whiter than white or perhaps even awaken red hot desire you have the chance to push all the right colored buttons.

You might choose to take your inspiration from movies or TV shows, you might want to turn yourself into Batman's arch nemesis The Joker himself or maybe you'd prefer to clown around as Stephen King's shape-shifting character Pennywise. Or, perhaps you'd simply like to change the color of your eyes for a couple of hours just to see how many of your family and friends notice?


This fantastic new fashionable aspect of contact lenses could be seen simply as an extension of the use of fashionable, colourful frames for optical correction by spectacles. But, we at believe the evolution of colour contact lenses has been more varied and interesting - imitating the human iris has allowed patterns to change from single colors to far more complex ones and other exotic ideas have also been developed. Some colors and styles will work to make you look more youthful and other enhancements can improve the perceived beauty of your eyes.


Color contact lenses are hot news and are attracting massive interest online so it's hardly surprising celebrities are queuing up to be front and center for photographers seeking shots of superstars in the latest lenses.

Years ago Marilyn Monroe's bright red pouting lips were iconic the world over. And, today's stars are no different when it comes to color - Rihanna is well aware she looks ravishing in red, while Selena Gomez believes in purple power.

So, is Kylie Jenner aware of the effect she has when she wears blue contact lenses? You can bet your bottom dollar she is. After all, can 1.5million hits on Instagram be wrong?

Increasingly celebrities are choosing colored lenses, like those from dreameyes to wow the crowds on the red carpet at opening nights and glamorous galas.

And if you think about it, why wouldn't they join this rising trend? The freedom not to wear glasses, or even sunglasses, and a fashion accessory that completes any outfit.

We've already mentioned trendsetter Kylie Jenner, whose eyes are naturally brown, but transformed themselves into a stunning blue. So it's hardly surprising Kendall Jenner was quick to join her sister by sporting a pair of lenses offering an equally stunning effect.


Another member of the Kardashian posse and someone you couldn't accuse of missing an opportunity to shine, Kanye West, also decided to make a statement with ice blue eyes.

Star of the Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev, is another person quick to recognise the power of color. Never afraid of changing her look through her hair or make-up, she also knows an eye-catching change of eye color will achieve the desired effect.

Selena Gomez is a major player in the beauty arena but knows switching from her natural brown to a brighter-than-bright blue will ensure her star is always rising.

And, Nicki Minaj might be all about pink but when it comes to peepers then nothing but dazzling blue will do.

The girls are not the only ones adding color to the catwalks and the red carpets, Orlando Bloom often chooses not to wear glasses, opting instead for clear and colored lenses to correct his vision and beguile onlookers.

Other stars who've seen the light and elected to go that bit more colorful include: Paris Hilton; Amber Rose; Tyra Banks; Vanessa Hudgens; Lady Gaga.

So, like all these celebrities, don't just dream about changing your eye color, make it happen right now by taking a look at and choosing your new look.


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