What Are The Current Trends In Contact Lenses Fashion?

While colored contacts are most commonly associated with cosplay or dressing up for Halloween, there’s a growing trend for fashion lenses for everyday wear. Glamour contacts have become popular as an exciting fashion statement, helping to create unique looks that never fail to impress.

Colored lenses allow wearers to change their eye color at will, creating looks that are perfectly matched to the occasion or to their own taste. Whether bold, subtle or somewhere in between, fashion lenses can add something special to every outfit, and enhance any look.

Shimmer Glamor Contacts

Another hot trend at the moment in the world of party lenses is the shimmer or glimmer lens. Glimmer contacts add sparkle to the eyes, making the wearer look even more attractive. Glimmer lenses come in colors like silver and gold which are perfect for parties and special occasions. They create a stunning effect which stops others in their tracks. Sparkle lenses are also popular at the moment. These feature light glints or starbursts which have been printed on the lens to create the effect of the eyes sparkling in the light. They come in a range of colors, so it’s possible to make a dramatic fashion statement while also adding extra allure.

Party Lenses For Everyone

While some people are under the impression that contact lenses are just for people who require vision correction this couldn't be further from the case. Nowadays, anybody can benefit from the cool looks that party lenses can create, whether they need a prescription or not. There’s such a huge range of options to choose from that there’s sure to be something to suit everyone. So, what are the current trends when it comes to lenses? What colors are popular with celebrities? Here, we take a closer look at the latest party fashion looks for eyes, and which styles are flying off the shelves.

How Many Tones?

Fashion lenses come in a range of tones, from single right up to four or more tones. All have proved to be popular with wearers of all kinds, but what are the differences?

Single tone contacts feature a single color. They create a larger-looking eye with a slightly unnatural appearance since the color is flat. Two tone contacts feature a darker outer ring to make the eye look bigger paired with a base color which makes the iris look a different shade to its natural one. A three tone lens is similar to a two tone contact lens but with additional yellow coloring around the pupil to allow for more natural blending. A four tone lens also features orange/brown coloring together with the yellow around the pupil for an even more realistic look.

What types Of Color Contacts Are Popular Today?

When people think of colored contact lenses, they tend to imagine a single solid color lens that covers the iris. However, that's simplifying things. There are actually lots of different types of contacts available, some of which create a natural look, mimicking the appearance of a normal colored iris, and others which create a much bolder and more unique look.

Some color contacts have tiny colored dots which are arranged with colored shapes and lines for a more natural appearance when they're in the eye. The central part of each lens which covers the pupil is transparent, allowing you to see.

There are three types of tint:
  • A visibility tint - this is a light green or blue tint which is added to the lens making it easier to see when inserting it and removing it from the eye. These tints are quite faint and won't impact on the natural color of your eyes.
  • Enhancement tints - these are translucent but solid tints which are slightly darker than the visibility tint. They enhance the eyes' natural shade. These work well for people with light-colored eyes who wish their eye color to be more intense.
  • Opaque tints - these non-transparent tints change the color of the eye completely. These are the kind of contacts that most people mean when they talk about fashion lenses. Anyone with naturally dark irises will need this form of contact lens to make their eyes change color. There are lots of opaque tints available. Some are natural, including green, blue, grey, brown or hazel. Others are more dramatic, creating special effects. They may be red, pink, purple or black. These kinds of lenses have been used for a long time in movies and on-stage but now they can be bought and used by anyone.

Popular Colors For Fashion Lenses

At the moment, pretty much every color of fashion lens is popular. Wearers tend to choose their favorites depending on the colors that suit them best. When choosing the right color of fashion contacts, most people consider their skin tone and hair color. This is especially important when looking for a more natural appearance. Someone with naturally pale blue eyes and pale skin, for example, may want to go for a deeper blue for a more eye-catching appearance. Someone with naturally dark eyes and darker toned skin may want to choose a black lens or something very unusual to create a statement, such as violet or pink. In the end, however, the best design and color to choose really depends on what kind of look the wearer wants to achieve. There are some trends which are proving to be really popular at the moment, however. Here are just a few of the look which are proving to be a hit amongst celebrities and regular people alike.

The Hot Celebrity Look

There are two colors of contact lens at the moment which have proven to be popular with celebrities – amethyst and sky blue. Sky blue is especially popular with wearers who have pale skin since it adds a more confident and intense feel to the eyes. Many influencers are pairing these lenses with earthy eye shadows and dark eyeliner for a stronger look. The greenish violet appearance of amethyst contacts works perfectly on wearers with dark or medium skin since it adds sexy, mysterious appeal to their style. Halle Berry is just one actress who has been seen sporting these lenses in photo shoots. Usually, this look is paired with dark eyeliner and purple eyeshadows for the most dramatic effect.

Circle Lenses - A Hot Trend

As we've already pointed out, there’s no such thing as a standard contact lens. Colored circle lenses are the latest trend, helping people to create mind-blowing looks. The trend has been fueled by celebrities who have used circle lenses to transform their appearance on the red carpet. So, what are circle lenses, and why are they so great?

Circle contacts come in a huge choice of designs and colors. They create the impression of bolder and bigger eyes, and with the right complimentary makeup they can create truly spectacular looks. Regular lenses don't create the same enlarging effect. Circle contacts also have a dominant limbal ring - something which we all have but which naturally fades as we age. This allows circle contacts to create the impression of more youthful-looking eyes. Meanwhile, standard contacts are plain without an outer edge that separates the iris from the white of the eye.

There are several sizes of circle lens to suit all kinds of wearers. The earliest circle lenses were 14 mm in diameter and this size is still available. For someone who has never worn lenses before, this size is ideal to begin with since they're easier to put in and wear. They also offer sufficient enlargement without being too obvious. While the 14 mm diameter lenses are available, the next size up - the 14.5 mm lens - creates something known as the "dolly effect". While the lenses are more obvious, they create a wide-eyed look which is very appealing. There is also a larger size - 14.8 mm - which creates a very wide-eyed anime-style look. These are ideal for cosplay or for special occasions. They are obviously cosmetic lenses, but they create an eye-catching appearance that will certainly turn heads.

UV Eyes – A Great Party Lens!

One popular trend at the moment among partygoers is UV contact lenses. These cool lenses shine luminously under black light, so your eyes really stand out on the dance floor. They also come in a wide range of styles and colors, from greens and yellows to pinks and purples. Some even come with cat eye designs so you can adopt a really dramatic look that sets you apart from the crowd!

These party lenses are brilliant for discos and festivals and the best thing about these unique fashion lenses is that it’s possible to rock the look both by day and by night. During the day, they look just like regular lenses (or cosplay lenses if you choose the dragon eyes or cat’s eye versions). However, once you hit the dance floor under black lights, your eyes will start glowing for everyone to see – they’re the ideal solution for any party person who like to shine!

Going Wild!

For those who are ready to take a bold step and really take their eye color and style to a new dimension of excitement, wild lenses are a growing trend. While they aren't for everyone, wild contacts which take their inspiration from patterns found in nature are becoming more popular with a certain crowd of trendsetters who aren't afraid to be different.

These lenses adopt shapes and designs which are found in animals, such as reptilian and butterfly patterns. The result is a dramatic eye appearance that will certainly turn heads. You'll definitely find that people do a double take when they walk past as they see your brightly colored lizard eyes or pretty blue butterfly contacts!

Natural Beauty – An Extra Enhancement

Although it might sound odd to say that natural fashion contacts are a popular trend at the moment, in fact, keeping eyes looking as nature intended is big news. The difference is that, while the fashion lenses are natural in shade, they aren’t the natural eye color of the wearer. So, someone who naturally has blue eyes could choose a pair of hazel, brown or green lenses which make their eyes a totally different color but without being too noticeable.

These are the ultimate solution for everyday wear for anyone who wants to vary their appearance on a day to day basis but without looking over the top. Natural fashion contacts are a brilliant choice for anybody who wants to change their eye color for work or when going out with friends but who doesn’t want everyone to stare! There are plenty of excellent natural beauty contacts out there which can subtly change eye color, helping to create an appealing look but without being too extreme.

The Mismatched Eye Craze

Although the mismatched lenses look isn’t for everyone, it’s something which has proved to be a hot Instagram trend over the last couple of years. For example, MLMA, a digital artist, is well-known for her single green or blue contact lens which contrasts dramatically with her own naturally brown other eye. Mismatched eyes make the wearer look otherworldly, and copies a natural condition which is called heterochromia. This is phenomenon where someone is born with eyes of two different colors. It is often seen in the animal world, but less frequently in humans. David Bowie is perhaps the most famous example of a celebrity with two naturally different colored eyes, but there are many more, including Sarah McDaniel, an Instagram sensation who has one blue eye and one hazel one. The idea behind mismatched eyes is that something which is imperfect can have a beauty all its own.

The Demon Eye Look

Over the last couple of years, there has been a rise in the popularity of black contacts for everyday wear. This may have been fueled by the well-known TV series Supernatural, which featured demons who had naturally black eyes, or it may simply be a drastic look that has been taken to the heart of those who want to really stand out from the crowd. Wherever the trend came from, the fact remains that this look has taken off in a big way.

When it comes to black lenses, there are several different options. Some are easier to wear as a fashion statement than others. While sclera lenses which cover the whole eye with a fully black lens may be spectacular, they aren’t really suitable for daily use! They do, however, work perfectly for cosplay events or for costume parties.

For a more subtle yet still scary look, black solid lenses are a brilliant choice. They work well with exotic clothing and look great at parties if you want to attract attention for all the right reasons. Gothic lenses prevent bright irises from showing through, so whether you have naturally gray, green, brown or blue eyes, that natural color will be completely covered for a spectacular and dramatic appearance.

Some black lenses feature a larger black pupil paired with a different color around the edge. This exterior edge color could be yellow, orange or red, or it could even feature a pattern. This creates a bizarre look that makes others do a double take! There’s no better way to make a bold fashion statement at any event!

Black eyes look amazing and very appealing because black eyes don’t tend to occur in nature. This makes anyone wearing black lenses really stand out. If you naturally have darker skin and eyes, black lenses can give you the perfect enhancement you’ve been seeking, taking your look to a new level of stunning.

The Vampire Look

If you're ready to take your eye accessories to a daring new level, red contacts could be the way to go. Many people are already rocking the vampire look, especially when going to parties or special events. While red glamour contacts certainly aren’t for everyone, they’re perfect for anybody who wants to really vamp up their style and transform their look in just seconds.

Red lenses are great for Halloween dress up and for cosplay, but they’re also rapidly rising in popularity as casual wear, adding a chilling appearance to each and every outfit. Fans of anime and vampire dramas are sure to go crazy for these cool contacts and with lenses available that can be worn for up to 12 months, they’re perfect for wear throughout the entire party season, for a one-off special occasion or for everyday wear out and about.

It isn’t surprising that most people associated red lenses with cosplay characters, but just because red fashion contacts work great for costumes doesn’t mean that that’s their only use! Red lenses are now a common gothic trend, and because they come in an array of styles, tones and shades, it’s possible to find the perfect contacts to suit your taste and every outfit in your wardrobe! Scarlet, maroon, blood red and crimson colors are available and can add plenty of drama to your gaze!

Special Party Lenses For One-Off Occasions

One contacts trend which isn’t going anywhere any time soon is the move towards special party lenses for one-off occasions like Christmas parties. These fun contacts are designed to make events like holiday parties even more fun, with specially themed designs that reflect the nature of the occasion. You can find festive lenses with Christmas messages and with images of snowmen, reindeers and holly berries to add even more excitement to your celebrations. What could be more cool that adding a pair of themed lenses to your outfit when you head out to a seasonal party this year?

Staying Safe With The Fashion Contacts Trend

There's no denying that fashion contacts are a great way to change your appearance at a moment’s notice. You can turn brown eyes blue, or blue eye green, or any color of eyes black or red in seconds! That’s pretty appealing, especially if you’re heading off to a special event or party and want glamour contacts to really create a stir.

However, it's still important to take a few precautions when it comes to the fashion lenses trend. After all, not all glamour lenses have been created to the same high standards, so you need to make sure you’ve made a wise purchasing choice before you put anything in your eyes. Remember that your eyes are very delicate and can easily be damaged, so wearing poorly made contacts can be dangerous, causing infections or, even worse, long-term problems which could severely impact on your vision.

To protect your valuable eyesight, it’s important to follow a few simple pointers when choosing and buying fashion contacts.

  • Make sure that you always wash your hands thoroughly every time you put your contact lenses into your eyes and also every time you take them out of your eyes. Poking at your eyes if you have dirty fingers is a surefire way to introduce infections into your eyes.
  • Never wear your party contacts for a longer period of time than that stated on the packaging. Leaving them in your eyes for longer could cause irritation which is painful.
  • If you experience irritation, you should try putting in some eye drops. If that doesn’t work quickly, take the contact lenses out.
  • Never go to bed with your lenses still in your eyes. If you wear them overnight, you’re likely to experience irritation and pain.
  • Whatever you do, don’t share a pair of contact lenses with anyone else. Harmful bacteria can easily be spread in this way which causes severe eye problems. Your lenses should only be for you.
  • Make sure to always following the instructions provided on the packaging about cleaning and storing your contacts correctly. This will ensure that they remain clean and hygienic in between uses.

Colored lenses and fashion contacts are completely safe as long as you buy them from a reputable retailer like Dream Eyes. You can rely on the lenses sold by Dream Eyes to be FDA approved, so as long as you follow the recommended advice, you’ll enjoy comfortable wear as well as amazingly glamorous eyes!