Natural Colored Contact Lenses – Getting The Look That's Right For You!

If you've only ever thought about wearing fashion lenses to create a creepy Halloween look or to complement a cosplay outfit, it might be time to think again when you take a closer look at the beautiful natural colored contact lenses that are on the market today.

Whether you have dark or light eyes, you can find gorgeous contacts that will transform your look without being too bold or daring. You can create a whole new subtle style that will make you feel like a new person! If you aren't sure how contact lenses could change the way you look for the better, you need only try one of the styles available to see the cool effect that can be achieved.

The color of your hair and eyes, paired together with your complexion influences the makeup and clothing you choose. After all, everyone wants to choose colors which make the most of their own natural attributes. But, of course, we can change those attributes to give us a greater range of options when it comes to selecting a wardrobe or cosmetics. You can dye your hair or use fake tan to change the colors of your hair or skin. Now, you can change the color of your eyes too. There's never been a better excuse to broaden your fashion horizons!

While it may sound daunting to change the color of your eyes with fashion lenses, however the experience can be a truly rewarding one. There aren't many better ways of taking your look to a whole new level of style than by wearing a pair of colored contact lenses - it can really help to change things up a notch! Colored lenses don't just change your eye color, they can change your entire style, so find out why you should invest in some natural colored lenses for everyday wear.

Beating Boredom With Non-Prescription Fashion Lenses

There is an amazing variety of non-prescription colored fashion lenses available to buy today that anyone can wear. With natural shades encompassing every possible variation on gray, brown, green and blue, you can easily change your eye tone and beat the boredom of looking the same every day!

Many of us are dissatisfied with the way we look, but natural contacts can make it more exciting to get ready every day knowing that you can spice your eyes up and enhance your personality by simply popping in a pair of contacts. You won’t need to worry about sacrificing your comfort for your sense of style either since the best contacts are made by reputable, reliable brands and are manufactured from the highest quality materials so they are comfortable, safe and simple to wear any and every day of the week.

Rejuvenate Your Appearance

The idea of wearing colored contact lenses to enhance the natural color of your eyes isn’t especially new. Colored lenses have been around for some time, with colored prescription lenses having been worn for years and contacts having been worn in TV and movies to create bold looks for actors and actresses. However, the fashion market has only recently opened up to the opportunities that these eye accessories can offer.

Most people are still unaware of the possibility of changing up their eye color or are afraid to try contact lenses for the first time, so they never take the plunge or experiment with different eye colors. Some people think that colored lenses are only for wearing with dressing up costumes and believe that they can’t be worn everyday as part of a regular on-the-street outfit. Yet, nobody should be afraid of giving fashion lenses a try.

Natural contact lenses can rejuvenate any look. If you've had blue or brown eyes your entire life, you can't really imagine how you'd look with eyes a different shade unless you try colored contacts out. When you change something as key to your appearance as the color of your eyes, you can freshen your style and really surprise yourself. You'll also be inspired to experiment with new clothing looks and even try things you might never have tried before once you feel like a new person!

Take Back Control Of Your Appearance

Most of us stick to working with what nature gave us, but why struggle along with only what we were born with? When you change the color of your eyes with a pair of natural fashion contact lenses, you can take back control over your appearance and defy nature. You can decide for yourself just how you’d like your eyes to look – it’s a very empowering experience. It’ll inspire you to try other ways of claiming back your appearance. Has your hair always been brown? Why not dye it red or blonde instead? Have you always worn brown eyeshadow? The change it up for something silver and sparkly? Never thought of wearing false nails or eyelashes? Now could be the time to start!

Or why not get a dramatic haircut, a tattoo or piercing, or even just wear a piece of chunky jewelry you’ve never worn before? Taking the simple step of changing the color of your eyes can remind you that you’re in control of your own look!

Make Yourself Beautiful

There are lots of ways in which colored fashion lenses can be used as a key fashion accessory. However, one of the best ways is to use the lenses in conjunction with cosmetics. Choose the right eye makeup and you can pull off a whole range of looks that you’ve never tried before. Colors like blue may not work with brown eyes, but they’ll certainly complement a pair of natural baby blue contacts.

If you’ve always thought that dark gray and black was too dramatic to wear with your pale green peepers, you can try out this bold look when you pop in a pair of chocolate brown contacts. A whole new world of styles can be opened up. You can even color coordinate with your lipstick or rouge, and that’s pretty awesome!

Choosing Natural Colored Contacts To Match Your Skin Tone

If you’re ready to try your first pair of color fashion lenses, you might want to start out with something subtle. Most people only want to change their everyday look slightly until they’re sure that they’re happy with the difference it makes. That means the best option is to select a pair of lenses that are a traditional color that can be found in nature.

The good news is that there are lenses which work well with all pigmentations, skin tones and hair colors. That allows you to be as creative as you like. However, if you need a little advice to get you started, here are some top tips for pairing natural contact lenses with your existing skin tone.

  • Fair skin - if you have fair skin pigmentations and tones, you might want to go for a pair of bright contact lenses. Bright blues, greens and even more dramatic grays will highlight your existing coloring softly. Single toned, two toned, or three toned lenses in these colors can all create a mostly natural look that you’re sure to love. Another option for fair skinned people is a pair of neutral colored lenses which enhance their gaze. Colors like browns, coppers and golds work wonders if you have naturally green or blue colored eyes since they make them stand out and complete any look with sophisticated style. You could even push the boat out a little and opt for something a little more colorful but with just enough natural shading to be subtle such as silver or green.
  • Dusky skin - if you have a dusky skin tone, you can accessorize your eyes in lots of exciting ways. While dusky skin works brilliantly with dramatic and bold eye colors, if you’re going for a natural look, lenses in a warm color like dark green, brown or hazel will work brilliantly. These colors complete any look, giving a warm, autumnal glow that catches others’ eyes no matter where you go! Alternatively, for a bolder look, try a brighter blue or even a violet toned lens to make you stand out from the crowd. Or perhaps you want to achieve an alluring and seductive gaze? Why not match your dusky skin with smoky or gray colored lenses? You’re sure to entrance anyone you come into contact with all day and all night!
  • Dark Skin – those with dark skin have a huge array of options when it comes to natural colored lenses. Both lighter and brighter colors work well with darker skin tones, with violet, green or blue gaining plenty of attention for your gaze! However, if you’d prefer a more blended, earthy and natural look, a pair of green, brown or hazel lenses will work equally well. You can opt for triple, double or single toned lenses – all will give you a totally natural appearance – but if you want to take your look to new heights, add a pair of Mystic or Glimmer lenses with a highly detailed and enticing finish - they’ll make you look and feel your best! Whatever tone of skin you have, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of colored contact lenses to create any look you could possibly want to achieve. Whether you want a bright or muted natural appearance, you can get your dream look with today’s modern colored fashion lenses.

Do Blue Contacts Work With Brown Eyes?

If you have naturally brown eyes, you might be wondering whether you can really switch to a pair of blue contact lenses, or whether they’ll fail to cover the natural dark shading of your eye. The good news is that most people find that they can wear a pair of blue lenses without any of their natural color flecks coming through to spoil the look. The best quality lenses are manufactured with strong pigmentation to ensure the best possible result, so anyone can achieve stunning baby blue peepers!

Your natural eye color is caused by melanin pigments. If you lack pigment, your eyes are light blue. Most Caucasian babies are born with naturally blue eyes, however over time as they develop melanin their eyes begin to change color. If your eyes are no longer baby blue, you can still get the look back with today’s steely blue, navy blue or aqua lenses.

Will Brown Eyes Suit Me?

Most people find that they look great with brown eyes, even those who have a naturally very pale complexion. There are lots of shades of brown that you can choose from, from lighter hazel tones to rich chocolate browns, so you’re sure to find a look that works well for you. Brown eyes can add a touch of sophistication to any look and can make you look especially alluring and attractive without losing any of your subtle style.

Do Gray Eyes Look Natural?

You may never have seen anyone who has naturally gray eyes, but in fact it is a color that’s found in nature. Natural gray eyes are an extremely light form of blue eyes, caused by having virtually no eye pigmentation at all. It’s very rare to be born with this eye color, but you can achieve it thanks to the power of today’s high-quality, high-pigment contact lenses. You can get beautifully dazzling, yet subtle gray eyes that add something ultra-special to every outfit.

Will Green Contacts Have A Natural Appearance?

Green is considered to be mid-way between a dark and a light eye color, and for many people, it gives the best of both worlds. Green eyes are generally viewed as being a natural color, although they are quite rarely seen in nature. If you wear green fashion lenses, you probably won’t see anyone else who has the same eyes as you, but they’ll be subtle enough to not attract unwanted attention as you go about your day. There are several different shades of green contact lenses on the market, so you can opt for something darker and less obvious or something brighter and eye-catching – the choice is yours!

Hazel And Brown Lenses Work Well With All Looks

Eyes that are naturally hazel change color between brown and green depending on the lighting conditions and the dilation of the pupil. Hazel fashion contacts won’t be able to create the same effect, however they can create a beautiful light brown coloration which reflects the subtle appearance of a naturally hazel eye. Hazel is a brilliant color for parties since it complements any kinf of makeup look or any color outfit.

Brown colored lenses add some sex appeal to your gaze without taking you out of the realms of the ordinary. Dark and mid-brown eyes work perfectly with every outfit in your wardrobe but can still revolutionize your style if you naturally have light eyes. If you’re keen to change things up a little for something more dramatic yet authentic, amber brown contact lenses could be just what you’re looking for since it’s a rare color that is still found in nature.

When Should I Wear Natural Lenses?

As long as you’re caring for your natural contact lenses properly, there’s no reason not to make them part of your everyday look. The best thing about subtle colored eyes is that they work well with any style, whether you’re heading to work or hanging out with friends.

Of course, that’s not to say that natural fashion lenses won’t work equally well if you’re going out for a special occasion. Whether you’re heading to a fancy-dress party, a celebration or a wedding, you never need to stick with your own boring original eye shade again! Instead, you can choose a pair of natural-looking high-quality contacts which will amaze and surprise your loved ones without going over the top!

Contact lenses aren’t just for people who need vision correction. Non-corrective fashion lenses can be used safely and easily as a fashion accessory, helping you to reinvent your style thanks to an awesome range of colors. While you can change your appearance by changing your hairstyle or wearing a new dress, fashion contacts offer you a truly special effect which can’t be beaten!

Caring For Your Natural Lenses Is Still Important

Don’t fall into the trap of failing to care properly for your colored contact lenses. They may look natural, but they need to be kept in the highest standards of hygiene as you would with any pair of novelty lenses or Halloween lenses. Your contacts need to be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly with a proper lens care product, and must be stored safely in a suitable container. If they aren’t cared for properly, irritation and infection could occur, and in rare cases, your vision and eyes could be damaged.

Don’t wear your lenses for longer than the length of time recommended on the packaging, and don’t ever wear a pair of lenses that have gone past their expiry date. Again, this could cause an infection and harm your vision.

If you experience any soreness, redness, itching, blurriness or distorted vision when putting in your contact lenses or wearing them for any length of time, immediately remove them from your eyes, clean them thoroughly and store them safely away. If you experience pain or vision problems in your eyes, consult your optician straight away.

Whatever you do, don’t share lenses or swap them with someone else. This spreads bacteria and could cause you a serious eye infection.

Choose The Contacts That Are Right For You

While natural colored lenses are a great choice for many people and for all kinds of occasions, they aren’t for everyone and they won’t suit every event. If you want to really cause a stir and attract attention or if you’re attending a cosplay event or costume party and need to achieve a specific look, you’ll need a pair of crazy lenses or Halloween lenses.

Thanks to the amazing variety of contacts on sale today you aren’t restricted only to natural shades like blue, brown and gray. Instead, you can opt for something out of this world like UV light pink cat eyes, special occasion lenses with seasonal images, or unnatural colors like red, pink or purple. You can even find anime lenses as well as those which can help you to get the look of classic TV and movie characters like werewolves and vampires. It’s never been easier to party hard and stand out from the crowd!