Wearing Colored Contacts For Your Glamour Parties! Your Guide To Looking Spectacular!

The holiday season is just around the corner, and so naturally our minds turn to festive events and parties. There’s no better time of year to let your hair down, dress up and have a really fun time. One of the most exciting things about attending a party is planning what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to create the perfect look for you that will create a stir for all the right reasons.

Have you been invited to a glamorous party this festive season? Do you really want to create a stir and create a lasting impression among all the other guests?

Whether you’re going to be attending a ball, a formal dinner or a special party celebration for Christmas or New Year, finding the right outfit is just part of what goes into making the evening a success – you need to find the perfect finishing touches too.

If you’re looking for something to take any evening attire to a whole new level of amazing, you should definitely consider investing in some glamour contacts.

What Are Glamour Contacts?

Contact lenses are no longer just for people who need vision correction but who don’t want to wear glasses. These days, colored contacts are available for almost anyone to wear and can bring an entirely new look to your everyday style. From subtle and natural-looking contacts in traditional colors like green, brown or blue to dramatic lenses which won’t fail to create an impression such as those in gold, silver or UV colors, it’s possible to find something that works perfectly for any occasion and to complement any outfit.

Why Wear Party Contact Lenses?

Are you looking for a way to make parties more entertaining? A pair of party lenses are sure to liven up your evening and help you to stand out from the crowd. There are so many different options to choose from that you can be sure that you’ll look great. Sometimes, you just want to try something a little different, especially if you’ll be partying with people who know you well. Sometimes, you just want to add a touch more glamour and style to your usual look. Whichever sounds most like you, wearing a pair of party contact lenses could be the solution to your party outfit dilemmas.

There are lenses that are ideal for literally every type of party. No matter what sort of party you’re attending, here at Dream Eyes we’ve got the ideal contacts to suit any event. With everything from UV reactive and themed lenses to subtle styles and vibrant colors, we’re your number one solution to help you get the look you’ve been aiming for.

How can glamour lenses help to take your party to a whole new level? Well, imagine that you’re attending a 1990s themed party – there are white t-shirts and black lights – how can you stand out on the dance floor? The best way is to pop in a pair of funky and fun UV reactive contact lenses that glow under black lights. Your eyes will be the focus of everyone’s attention as you show off your moves! There are lots of colors to pick from too, so whether you prefer pink, green, white or blue, you’ll find just what you’re looking for in our range.

Or perhaps you’re attending a glamorous, sophisticated formal event and need an outfit that is elegant and beautiful. A pair of stunning party contact lenses can really lift even the most lovely dress to a new level of style. There are plenty of subtle yet spectacular party lenses in the Dream Eyes range that will enhance the natural shade of your eyes or change it completely to a more dramatic and eye-catching color. You could even choose a pair of glitter or sparkle contacts that match a sequined outfit and reflect the glamorous nature of the occasion.

Of course, let’s not forget themed lenses which are ideal for costume parties or festive events. If you want to wish the other guests a merry Christmas, there’s no better way to do it than by wearing a pair of themed party contact lenses! They may not be subtle, but they’ll certainly add a touch more fun to the occasion!

Colored Contact Lenses For Parties – The Basics

The days are long gone when contact lenses were only for people who needed to correct their vision. These days, you can find colored contacts in a wide variety of shades that will create a truly impressive array of color changes. Whether you simply want to enhance your existing eye color or change it completely, you can achieve this with the huge choice of lenses available from Dream Eyes. Since they’re available in a no-power format, they can be worn by anyone – even those whose eyesight is perfectly fine - who want a way of changing the color of their eyes to suit different occasions.

The glamour contacts you’ll find on the Dream Eyes website are all made from a soft and comfortable to wear material and since they’re also FDA approved, you can have complete confidence that your eyes will look good while still being completely safe.

Most regular contact lenses have a “visibility tint”. Usually, this is a light green or blue tint which is added to the lens to make it easier to see when you’re inserting and removing it, or if you accidentally drop it. As the tint is extremely light it won’t have any effect on your eye color or on the way you see the world around you.

A colored contact lens, however, has been designed to simulate the natural pattern of the iris. Many colored dots are made on the lens and this gives it a natural appearance. The central part of the contact lens which covers the pupil is clear so it doesn’t impact on your field of vision. The intensity and the pattern of dots will govern how the lens appears on the eye.

This means that it’s possible to create colored contacts which can create a subtle color change of the eye – taking its natural shade up a notch, or more dramatic contacts which can turn blue eyes brown or brown eyes green, blue or even an unusual shade such as pink! These lenses are absolutely ideal for party wear since they create a glamorous and exciting look which is hard to beat.

What Should I Consider Before I Buy Party Lenses?

Before investing in a pair of glamour contacts for a party, you need to consider the following:

  • What color should I choose? Do I want a subtle, natural look, or something more impressive or unusual?
  • Are the lenses safe to wear? Have they been FDA approved?
  • Do the lenses have a high water content and are they comfortable to wear?
  • Are the lenses manufactured to ISO guidelines?
  • How long do the lenses last?
Here at Dream Eyes, we have an enormous choice of colored party contact lenses which come in a range of both subtle and dramatic colors. All of our lenses are very safe to wear and have been FDA approved as well as manufactured to ISO guidelines. With their high water content, they’re extremely comfortable to wear all night long and since they have a 12 month lifespan, you can get plenty of value for money, wearing them to parties and events all year long!


Choosing Natural Party Lenses

Would you like to add a little extra panache to your outfit without attracting too much attention at a party? Then a pair of natural contact lensescould be the ideal choice for you. These are made with three color tones to mimic the appearance of your natural iris for a subtle yet enhanced appearance for your eyes. You can choose from all kinds of realistic eye colors including blue, hazel, gray or green to give your natural eyes some additional party flair.

When you’re matching your colored lenses to the tone of your skin, it’s quite similar to finding the right makeup foundation. Certain colors look best on certain skin tones. Of course, that doesn’t always mean you can only wear certain colored lenses, but it might be something to consider if you want a natural look.

If you have fair skin, you can choose any color lenses that you like. Hazel or brown shades bring a little extra warmth to the paleness of your skin and can make your makeup really stand out. On the other hand, gray or blue lenses can enhance your natural eye color and make your eyes really pop.

If you have dark skin tone and naturally dark eyes, you might think that colored contacts aren’t going to work for you. However, with such h1 color pigment in today’s glamour lenses you can choose any color that you like. You can achieve a really amazing look with contact lenses that are honey or hazel colored, or why not opt for spectacular dark blue contacts which are sure to turn heads!

Taking Color To A New Level

While natural colored lenses create a wonderfully subtle look, they aren’t for everyone. If you’re heading to a big night our or special event, you might want to create a stir with a pair of dramatically colored contact lenses that make your eyes really pop! Opaque colored lenses mask the natural shade of your eye and help you achieve a spectacular new look, so if you’re keen to really stand out you should choose some of the more vividly colored contacts on the market today.

When you choose an eye color which isn’t seen in nature, you’ll find you’ll attract attention for all the right reasons! Purple contact lenses are a great choice for parties since they work well with formal outfits without distracting too much from your overall look, but if you’d like to really command the room with your amazing eyes, you should try shocking pink lenses which won’t fail to impress! Or if you’re looking for contact lenses for a Christmas party, why not go for a pair of bright red contacts that will reflect one of the most popular colors of the season? The options are endless!

Sparkle And Shine

If you’re heading to a party over the festive season you can literally sparkle with a pair of glitter or sparkle contact lenses. There’s no better way to add a little more glitz and glamour to any stylish party outfit than by adding a pair of these lenses which transform your eyes, whatever their natural color, into a showstopping party piece!

Silver contact lenses are ideal for parties thanks to the extra glitter that they provide. Your eyes can perfectly match any sequinned outfit and can add even more festive feeling to a holiday party. If you’re attending a party in a Christmas-themed outfit, you’ll find silver lenses an ideal addition.

Gold contacts are another fantastic choice for New Year parties or events held over the Christmas season. There’s no better time of year to really push the boat out and try something new and glamorous and it doesn’t get more glitzy than turning your eyes gold for the night! You’ll be putting sparkle literally back in your eyes.

UV Contact Lenses

If you’re heading out to a party where there’ll be black lights a set of UV contact lenses could be the perfect way to really stand out from the crowd. Available in a wide variety of colors from white and blue to pink and orange, these lenses come in both natural-shaped irises and in cat’s eye varieties so you can create the look that you’ve been hoping for. These special effect contact lenses are sure to create a stir on the dance floor!

Themed Lenses For Holiday Parties

The holiday season is the most popular time of year for parties. Christmas parties and New Year’s events are big occasions for most partygoers, and whether you’re attending with family, friends or colleagues from the workplace, you’re sure to want to make a splash with your fantastic outfit! What better way to make yourself the subject of everyone’s conversation than with a pair of themed party contact lenses?

If you’re attending a party over the festive season, there are plenty of ways in which you can help your eyes to celebrate too! Dream Eyes have a range of fantastic party lenses which are designed especially for Christmas celebrations. Why not wish everyone a merry Christmas with your eyes when you wear a pair of novelty contacts with a special festive message? Or turn your eyes into Rudolph with a pair of red-nosed reindeer lenses? Or perhaps, if you’d like to try something a little more subtle but no less impressive, the Candy Joy lenses add a touch of festive cheer to your party outfit.

Getting The Holiday Party Look

Are you attending a festive costume party this year and need to add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit? Look no further than Dream Eyes’ range of colored contact lenses that can take your outfit from great to fabulous! There are lots of wonderful Christmas-themed dress-up ideas out there to choose from, and a pair of colored party lenses could be the ideal way to complete the look.

How about dressing up as the Grinch for your holiday party this year? With a pair of UV Dream green contact lenses, your eyes will immediately look just like the Grinch’s own jealous peepers! Or what about dressing up as the character Sally from the popular movie The Nightmare Before Christmas? A pair of white out contact lenses is the ideal solution to help you achieve Sally’s creepy look. Sticking with The Nightmare Before Christmas theme, if you’re keen to go to the party as Jack Skellington you can turn your own eyes into his dead ones with a pair of black out contact lenses that make your eyes look completely black!

These black out lenses are also great if you’re planning on going to your party as a snowman since they look just like button eyes! Or, if you’d prefer to go to your party looking a little more glamorous and festive, why not pop on an angel costume and add a pair of stunning silver sparkle contact lenses for good measure. You’ll look like a beautiful ethereal being who is really the belle of the ball!

Caring For Your Party Contact Lenses

If you've never worn contact lenses before you might be a little concerned about popping in a pair just for the party season, however there's nothing to worry about. When you choose your lenses from a reputable supplier such as Spooky Eyes you can be completely confident that you’re getting a pair of high-quality, FDA approved lenses which are safe and comfortable to wear. With their high water content, they’ll feel so comfortable in your eyes that you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them - although with the dramatic effects they create you’ll be reminded when everyone tells you how amazing you look!

Even if you're only wearing contact lenses for a party and not everyday for vision correction, it's still important to make sure that you take the right steps to care for them properly. When you buy lenses from Spooky Eyes, you can rest assured that your lenses have a long 12-month lifespan so you can have the pleasure of wearing them again and again, not just for the holiday season!

With this in mind, here are some expert tips to make sure that your colored lenses stay looking fantastic and continue to dazzle others every time that they’re worn.


  • Always wash your hands and dry them thoroughly before you handle your lenses
  • After you've taken your lenses out, make sure to clean them with a contact lens solution
  • Store your lenses in their case with some fresh contact lens solution added
  • Never share contact lenses with other people - this could spread infections
  • Put your lenses into your eyes before you apply any makeup
  • Remove your lenses before you take off your makeup
  • Never sleep with your contact lenses in your eyes
  • Only wear the lenses for the amount of time recommended on the packaging

With such a world of possibilities open to you, it's easy to find the perfect pair of party contact lenses to make any outfit stand out. Whether you’re attending a costume party, a festive celebration or just want to add a little more glamour to an important event or occasion, you're sure to find the perfect pair of glamour contact lenses in Spooky Eyes’ impressive range. We have everything from subtle natural shades to dramatic themed party lenses and vibrantly colored contacts that will make bring your eyes into focus!